Clubs and Activities

The three Prime areas of the curriculum are also supported via Multi Purpose Activities which take place after school. These occur three times a week and are available for children in the Nursery classes.

Examples of Multi Purpose Activities have been:

Communication and Language

Activities which promote the students speaking, listening and understanding skills. Clubs that promoted this learning strand include;  Story club, Phonics and Rhymes club and EAL club.

Creative Thinking  

Puzzle club, Maths club, Construction, drawing and art club. Clubs all have an aim to develop the children’s thinking and cognitive skills in a practical and stimulating way. Physical Development is nurtured by the Music and Movement strand, with clubs that focus on developing the student’s fine and gross motor skills.

Music and Movement

Examples have been choir, collage club, construction club, messy activities (dough/clay/paint/art techniques), mini gymnastics, ball skills and finger gym. These clubs help to support children’s co-ordination skill and musical creativity.

The clubs are changed throughout the academic year and The Lodge teaching staff create an overview of activities to be covered each week to ensure that the children receive the opportunity to develop emerging skills.

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